Manchester Business Leaders Encourage Peers to Follow Suit and Innovate with Confidence

Leaders of 25 Greater Manchester SME companies have reported business changing transformations following the first Innovate with Confidence held recently. Now they’re calling on their fellow directors to emulate their experience.

"Innovate with Confidence is the clearest distillation of the core principles we need as business leaders and innovators I've seen. I will be encouraging my colleagues and business partners to grab the chance to participate in Innovate with Confidence as quickly as possible.

Paul Robinson, Director, Vagueware Ltd

“The practical thinking shocked me into realising that, over my working life of about 45 years, I have been approaching the way I think in, what I NOW know, is a very restrictive manner. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks."

Alan Hankinson, Director, Common Sense Solutions UK Ltd

"Innovate with Confidence was extremely inspirational. We will use these tools to grow our business."

James Clarke, Founder Director, True Reflections

Deconstructing your business

Collaborating to find solutions to challenges

Seeing your business through each others' eyes

Reassembling businesses 

 “I found Innovate with Confidence truly inspirational and I would highly recommend your innovative approach of disassembly of a business model and then the reconstruction in a creative environment as being invaluable to anybody looking to help their business grow.”

Simon Carter, CEO, Live Agent

Developing new insights

“ Innovate with Confidence was like a breath of fresh air. It energised my thinking about how to critique our business model and identify areas where we can make a difference.”

Philip Hemsted, Managing Director, Psycuity Ltd

Using practical thinking skills to create the right future
"I am amazed at how my thinking has changed. I have already come up with a new idea for my business which I can't wait to get into place."

Liz Horwich, Director, EML Systems Ltd.

As a revolutionary series of master classes that combine business model innovation, practical thinking skills and insights into technology the first Innovate with Confidence sold out in days.

Following this success, more businesses are being offered the chance to create fresh profit for their companies by creating new value for their customers.

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