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Innovate with confidence Grow customer value in a changing world


How you will benefit

Competition relentlessly tests the weakest links in your
business and exposes vulnerable offerings.

You require a fresh perspective to see your business as a
set of core building blocks that can be put together in new combinations to create more value for customers and so for your business.

How you will innovate with confidence
You enjoy a fun introduction to thinking differently
You paint your own business canvas
You develop a new growth mindset by mastering
strategic experimentation
You apply fresh thinking tools to learn when to zag
whilst others are zigging

By the end of the day
You have developed a model of your business
and how it wins.


How you will benefit

Sustained competitive advantage is increasingly a
matter not of a single advantage maintained over
time, but a series of advantages created through
time. The greatest advantage arises from being
prepared to seize the right opportunities.

As the pace of change increases you require the tools to
identify new customer segments, a permanent state of
preparedness to generate new value and the “always day
one” state of mind to have the vision to innovate.

How you will grow customer value
in a changing world

Stretch thinking exercises develop your
“always day one” mindset
You consider how customers value goods
and services to figure out what people need
before they realise it
You consider current solutions to recurrent
business challenges
You acquire the tools to use disruption to
your advantage

By the end of the day
You have the tools to get and keep the
right customers and give those customers
what they want.


Workshop 3

By the end of the course

You have formed new partnerships and seen your business through the eyes of others
You have applied current solutions to overcome an immediate challenge to your business
You have produced an innovation playbook that creates the right future for your business
You return to lead your company equipped with the tools and insights to innovate with confidence



Create your future

How you will benefit

1,500 CEOs recently identified managing the present while creating the future as their biggest challenge. You will use your new business model and thinking tools with your peers.

You will devise the action plan to renew your business
model by addressing a performance gap through
restructuring or by filling an innovation gap.

How you will create your future
You apply all your learning to define the
specific business challenge that will be the focus of
your innovation process
You work in groups to see your challenge and your
business through others’ eyes
You complete your innovation playbook by producing
your action plan to manage the present, selectively
forget the past and create the future for your business

By the end of the day
You have developed an action plan to
translate your strategy into success.